So yeah, baby. That’s a thing.

Baby Sproot

We’ll give you updates as they come, but for now all we really have to say is that momma and baby are both doing well. Joni is enjoying pregnancy, for the most part. I’ve got a few vlog-style videos recorded. I’ll see about editing those and getting them up.

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Annual Budget

The title might not sound that interesting, but I promise that this will be an enlightening video:

Slow Blogger

In perhaps the longest delay between event and blogging, we bring you our Birthday in Vegas series from all the way back in mid-February… Hey, at least we got it out. That counts for something, right? Day 1 – Friday Day 2 – Saturday Day 3 – Sunday

Birthday in Vegas – Day 3 (Sunday)

Missed Day 1? You’d better go read it: Birthday in Vegas – Day 1 (Friday) Missed Day 2? You’d better go read it: Birthday in Vegas – Day 2 (Saturday) And at last, we come to the final day of the Birthday in Vegas. Once again we hit up the breakfast buffet and ate ourselves […]

Birthday in Vegas – Day 2 (Saturday)

Missed Day 1? You’d better go read it: Birthday in Vegas – Day 1 (Friday) The next morning we got up and headed downstairs to the breakfast buffet. Oh, it was nice. They had made to order eggs, bacon, salad bar, and soft serve ice cream. We pigged out. And we filed the paperwork for […]

Birthday in Vegas – Day 1 (Friday)

Well, it’s been a while, eh? I wish I could say that I’ve been good about keeping up with the blog, but I really haven’t. Case in point: this post! Joni’s birthday was in the middle of February, and we went to Las Vegas with Dennis and Pam (Joni’s parents)! Did I blog about that […]


Well, we went camping… again. Back on the weekend of Oct 21st we packed ourselves up and headed out to the middle of nowhere for a weekend of camping with Jenn and Wouter. We left Friday afternoon and got up to the campground around dark… but there was a problem. We rolled up to the […]

Final Installment

Next was getting under the Ballard Bridge. Someone had measured and determined that we should have a 6″ clearance if we did not go too fast and the water was not higher than usual. Eldon recorded the experience with his cell phone just in case we would need visual evidence for insurance purposes. That white […]

The Harbor Cruise

They were taking all the salmon from the filleting contest over to a tent to be cooked for the annual Fisherman’s Festival Salmon Feed. We decided to go over there for a late dinner/early supper and I did not mind one bit missing the upcoming Oyster Slurp Contest. The kids got in the long line […]

And Then There is My Brother, Pat!

Saturday morning with the sun barely up, I was awaken by my cell phone ringing. I struggled out of bed, found the phone and said hello. A cheery voice greeted me with, “Mary! It’s Pat!” I asked what time it was and I could tell Pat was taken aback. “What time is it?………What?………ARE YOU IN […]