Happy Birthday Dave!

Here are the answers. (If you haven’t written down your answers yet, find the questions here.) I’ve written them out below the video as well, with a few notes. Let me know your score by bedtime on Sunday! Dave did not make this easy for you. Ha ha.

1. red

2. apple sauce 

3. Caspar BabyPants*

4. dog 

5. Little Baby Bum*

6. monsters

7. right and left*

8. Dada (if you answered with more than one person and included Dada or some variation of Dad or Father, etc., give yourself 1 point. If you guessed only Dada or some variation of it, give yourself 2 points.)  

9. fire engine (He might have meant train engine, so if you said train, you can have a point.)

10. tractor

11. dog

12. helicopter

13. moon

14. watermelon

15. up and down

Thanks for playing!

*3. I was sure he would say “London Bridge.” Caspar BabyPants is a Seattle based musician that does kid’s music. Remember Presidents of the United States of America from the 90s? They did that goofy song about peaches and “Lump.” He was their lead singer.

5. Little Baby Bum is a Netflix and Youtube thing. It’s just animated nursery rhymes, basically. I thought he would say “trains” or “legos.”

7. I was sure he would say “outside” or “park.” “Right and left” is actually pretty funny, because when we go for walks and come to an intersection, Will asks him if he wants to go right or left. So he likes to go right and left, I guess.

Happy Birthday David!

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